Wave One – An Excellent Place to Book your Corporate Office Space

Noida is arguably the most preferred region for a large number of leading corporates in the entire NCR. With each passing day, more and more companies have been making their presence felt in the city, which has only been making them looking for working spaces in an already crunched city. With existing firms also having plans to expand their horizons, the need for that extra corporate office space in Noida only get more intensive.

Wave One, one of the latest projects by the renowned Wave Group, has been devised to aid all such firms with that much needed extra office space. Besides, it will make your dream of having an office in the heart of the city in real. This project is an iconic structure with 41 floors, including office spaces, retail stores, food court, multiplex, club and lounge.

Listed below are some of the highlights of Wave One:  

  • This spectacular building has been designed by an internationally-recognized architect, Brennan Beer Gorman, and is set to offer an experience like never before.
  • This corporate office space in Noida is located in the most prime location of sector 18. This site has supreme access from every major within and around Delhi. Besides, this project is based in close proximity to many civic utilities and is well-connected via various modes of transportation.
  • The entire structure exhibits a prefect combination of global expertise complied with principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui. Positive energy flows throughout the property, assuring prosperity and success within its premises.
  • With 27 floors (15 – 41) designated for corporate office space, the rest 14 floors are meant for retail shops, multiplex and parking spaces, making it the tallest building in the Delhi NCR.
  • To suffice the needs of both office and retail shop owners along with visitors, Wave One boasts of ample space for parking. While many continue to face a lot of difficulty in parking the vehicles, this building can hold as many as 2600 cars at a time.
  • Apart from offering corporate office space in Noida, this tower is all set to provide a harmonious mix of high street shopping, modern entertainment and leisure.
  • This awe-striking building provides an environment that is both relaxing and rejuvenating. The sprawling food court here in the building will further delights the taste buds of both the people working here as well as the visitors.

With all these features, Wave One comes as no surprise to be the best corporate office space in Noida. Spectacular infrastructure and modern amenities will not only bring efficient employees to the building but will attract good business as well.

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