Potential Risks that Business Owners face when buying Commercial Properties

It is important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all tactic available for purchasing commercial real estate. That choice must be evaluated by each business. When choosing whether to purchase commercial real estate, it’s important to recognize the prospective risks. The last thing you want is to purchase property and realize a couple of years later that it would have been better to take it on rent.

Top commercial properties in noida

Here are some of the prospective risks that a business owner may face when buying:

  • The happening neighborhood of today can become tomorrow’s not so happening neighborhood. Locations are fashionable. Redevelopment may stand. The market may go smashed. The location you choose one day may become unwanted the next day.
  • Businesses may link much of their liquidity to purchasing real estate. It is not always simple to sell real estate, especially in a decline. At the same time, trades that own real estate as a minimum have something to sell if they need a cash inflow to resuscitate a business.
  • Renters at times can stop paying the rent. Moreover, the buildings may be in need of expensive and unexpected repairs.  You can go through a cash crunch, particularly if you are compelled to pay maintenances and advocate fees at the same time to deal with a notorious tenant situation.

This is why it is important that you undertake careful due diligence before signing any deal. You also need to be practical with your commercial property by supervising every level of procedure and making frequent visits on-site or else, you may learn about difficulties after it is too late to do anything to repair them.

Since you are not a commercial real estate expert; therefore it is important to surround yourself with the right team of specialists. They can help you find out the right time to sell or buy, the right locations to consider, and the nitty-gritty of closing the deal. So, before you plan to invest in the top commercial properties in Noida, listed below are some of the specialists whom you must consider contacting:

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Mortgage broker
  • Commercial broker

Thus, it can be said that before buying commercial real estate, it is important to ensure that buying is right for your business for the long-term.

The rightful connect between an office space and employee productivity

The rightful connect between an office space and employee productivity

You will find a number of advertisements regarding the vacant office spaces for sale or rent all across the country. But you should not simply go ahead and choose an office space based on its location and value. You will need to consider a number of things when choosing an office space as this where your employees will work to get more business, revenues and profits.

So, if you are an employer looking for a space in Noida for rent for setting up an office; consider the following things:

  • Make sure that space which you are choosing has a number of proper artificial lighting fixtures as well as natural light. A well-lit office will motivate the employees and increase more productivity; while an office with poor lighting can cause headaches, eyestrain, depression, and lethargy to the employees.
  • Another most important thing that the employer should look for when choosing an office space for rent is whether there are proper air conditioning systems. An office that has too warm or cold temperature will make the employees feel lethargic and they will find it difficult to focus on the work.
  • The air quality of the office space should also be considered as it can have a great impact on the employees’ productivity. In order to improve the air quality of the office, the employer can install air filters, plant more greens in and around the office and clean the filters of the air conditioner on a regular basis.
  • An office that offers lovely outdoor views will not only make employees productive but will also make them happier and reduce absenteeism. So, when choosing an office space, find out if your office overlooks a beautiful landscape area or a pond or a green field.
  • Ergonomics play an integral part in increasing the employees’ productivity and preventing fatigue and injuries. So keep that in mind when designing the work stations.
  • When choosing an office space, make sure that the building is not too close to the areas from where a large amount of noise can come in. Noise obviously distracts the employees to a great extent; so locate a place that is quieter.

These are some of the basic things that one should consider when looking for office space for rent.


How to Go About Searching For the Suitable Noida Commercial Projects?

Noida is surely turning out to be a happening place with regards to the corporate sector. It is a popular extension to the capital of the country and is attracting a lot of new corporate companies towards it for multiple reasons. It has been observed that a lot of start-ups are looking forward to have their companies located in the Noida region.

Well, it is not an easy cup of tea to find the best commercial space in the region, suiting the variety of commercial requirements of start ups as well as of established companies who either want to relocate or shift to Noida.

If you wish to find Noida commercial projects then you are supposed to apply certain tips, which can help you in getting along on the right path in a smooth manner. Planning plays a vital role in finding out the most suitable project for your commercial needs. In addition to this, you can even make a rough plan with a step by step approach of how to go about reaching the final option without facing much hurdles and by overcoming the challenges.

Tips to find suitable and affordable commercial space in Noida

Here are some well researched yet simple tips which can help you effectively in finding the best commercial space as per your need in the developing extension of Delhi- Noida. Have a quick look at them and make sure to apply while you are finding one.

1. Budget in hand:  Start deciding with what budget you have in your hand, based on that you can determine the space of the commercial project. When you are a start up, it is better to go with a small space initially and not risk your huge capital.

2. High property rates:  Of course, the rates of the commercial properties will be high. However, if you are able to contact the second or third parties then there are probabilities of cracking good deals.

3. Choose an area based on your company type:  Make sure to find an area which is suitable for your company based on relevant factors.

You can as well take the help of commercial property agents in Noida who have the experience and expertise in the field of real estate.

Why should you invest in an Office Space in Noida?

Commercial real estate developers mention that while purchasing a commercial office space, the individual must take into consideration the location of the property. Say for instance, you are the owner of a law firm and you would like to purchase an office space, which is easily accessible. In such a case, consider purchasing one that is located within a commercial business tower. Additionally, the business tower itself should be located within a commercial and industrial hub. Taking all of these into consideration, realtors opine that Noida Sector 18 is the best area to purchase a commercial business space. However, while purchasing an office space, one must take into consideration certain other aspects of the transaction, some of which have been discussed below.

All about Purchasing a Commercial Space in Noida

If you want to purchase an office space in Noida sector 18 then ensure that the commercial tower is easily accessible by arterial roads. This will make commuting easier for your company employees and clients. Some other points that you must consider while purchasing the commercial property are as follows:

The commercial towers should be designed by internationally recognised architects and structural engineers.

The parking facility should have the capacity for parking at least two thousand vehicles.

The frontage of the towers should be luxurious so that the clients and stakeholders of your company are impressed.

Your office space should have dedicated elevator service to ensure the convenience of your clients and employees.

Purchase a commercial office space only if you are satisfied with all aspects of it. Purchasing a commercial space requires extensive investment. Hence, it is advisable that you purchase it only from renowned realtors. This will ensure that it is a prime property and at the same time safeguard your investment.


How to Purchase a Suitable Commercial Property in India?

For entrepreneurs looking to purchase commercial properties in India, evaluating the location of the property is of paramount importance. Say, for instance, you want to purchase a property in a commercial hub then Noida is the ideal place for you. Not only is it in the proximity of the capital, but also a commercial hub in itself. Being a part of the Delhi National Capital Region, Noida has excellent infrastructural facilities and with the construction of the Metro, commuting to and from Noida has definitely become easier. However, if you want to purchase a commercial property in India, there are some important factors that must be evaluated carefully.

All about Purchasing a Commercial Property

If you want to purchase a commercial property in Noida you must take into account the following points:

  • The price of the Property: Evaluate the per square feet price of the property. In India, commercial real estate price appreciates at a fast rate. Thus, it is essential to carefully consider the price of the property before making an investment.
  • Spacious Office Building: The entire commercial complex wherein you are purchasing an office space should be spacious. The floors should have high ceilings with a wide lobby to enhance the appeal of the entire property.
  • Additional Facilities: The entire commercial property should have facilities like ample parking space, dedicated elevators, private terraces and other such amenities. This not only adds to the convenience of accessing your office space but also creates a favourable impression in the minds of both investors and stakeholders of your company.

Thus, it is essential that you evaluate all aspects of the deal and then purchase a commercial property in Noida. Moreover, you should ensure that you purchase the property only from a renowned real estate developer. There are many reliable developers that offer commercial spaces in Noida.

Understanding the Importance of Reception Area in a Business Space

Noida has grown into a beautiful city that has plenty of malls, colleges and business spaces. Sector 18 in Noida is a major commercial centre which is home to many leading companies and retail stores. The city is also undergoing rapid development with many top companies already booking offices here.

The commercial office space in Noida will see a huge addition with the construction of the new metro lines. When it comes to buying a business space, there are many important factors that must be taken into consideration. The business space should be equipped with the best amenities and facilities. Also, the reception area of the office should be thoughtfully designed and planned.

Why Reception Area Matters in an Office Space?

One of the areas which matter more than anything else is the reception area of an office space as it is the first thing that the clients or future employees see. The various features which define your reception area include:

  • The seating area has to be comfortable. No business can afford to have a shabby looking reception area. This area should make the clients and customers feel welcome to your office.
  • It must be spacious and well-ventilated. There should be enough space for the reception desk. Also, it should have the right furniture.
  • The decor of the reception area also matters. The walls shouldn’t be empty and you can hang a tapestry or a painting which will look pleasing to the visitors.

Your office space is going to play a great role in determining the future of your company. A beautifully designed reception area will go a long way when it comes to making an office visually-appealing. If you’re planning to buy an office space in Noida, make sure that it has a nicely-designed reception and other amenities. There are plenty of options available for those who’re planning to buy an office space in Sector 18, Noida.

4 Reasons to Buy Commercial Space in Noida

Being a part of the National Capital Region (NCR), Noida has recently witnessed a huge increase in commercial property development. Over the past two decades, it has become a major commercial hub. A number of domestic and international companies have established their offices in Noida. To meet the rising demand for office space, more and more real estate developers are investing in commercial real estate projects in Noida.

Why Should You Consider Purchasing a Commercial Space in Noida?

If you have a commercial office in Noida, you can be assured of the following benefits:

  • As the demand for commercial office space in Noida is quite high, the rentals are also on the higher side. If a business takes a commercial space on rent, it’ll have to pay a high rent to the owner. On the other hand, buying a property may require a business to make a high investment initially, but in the long run, the business can make significant savings.
  • Noida has become the hub for different types of businesses ranging from a retail store, to start-ups and even restaurants. Thus, regardless of the products and services you offer, you can easily find a suitable commercial space in Noida.
  • Buying commercial space in Noida is an excellent property investment. There are many small businesses that are looking for commercial space in the city, but can’t afford to buy one due to budgetary constraints. You can also consider renting your commercial space to these businesses.
  • Commercial property also has a higher resale value, especially in a thriving industrial belt of NCR. Hence, purchasing a commercial property in Noida can also prove to be profitable if you’re planning to resell it in future.

If you’re planning to purchase a commercial space in Noida, there is no shortage of options for you. Whether you’re planning to open a new office or want to make a profitable investment in real estate, buying a commercial office in Noida is an excellent choice.

Wave One – A Commercial Space for Dynamic Professionals and Corporate Dreamers

Whether your business is growing or is already developed, it is important to have an impressive office set-up. It not only helps you attract some of the biggest clients from the industry but also helps to improve the productivity of your employees. There are a number of options for commercial real estate in Delhi NCR, out of which, Wave One is one such lucrative project worthy of investment.


Wave One Wave One is a 41-storey iconic building constructed by the famous Wave Group. This project is spread across an area of more than 2 million sq. ft. and exhibits a fusion of global expertise combined with the philosophy of positive energy, flowing through the establishment. There is more to Wave One than being just the largest building in the entire Delhi NCR. Have a look on some of its magnificent features before you buy this commercial space in sector 18 in Delhi NCR.
1. This spectacular building structure is designed by Brennan Beer Gorman, a globally recognized architect from New York. Apart from well-planned office spaces and artistically laid down landscape, this project adheres to the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui.
2. Located in the core of sector18, one of the most popular locations of Noida, this establishment enjoys unmatched connectivity from any access of Delhi. Also, the lively Noida sector 18 metro station is only 150 minutes away from the property.
3. To ensure convenience and accessibility within the project, there are well planned out elevators and escalators. While state-of-the-art surveillance systems and CCTV cameras are installed in various areas of the project, security personnel are always present on the various entry and exit points, taking care of complete security of the project.
4. To suffice to the parking requirements of both employees and visitors, a large parking area is provided within the project, which is secured by CCTV cameras.
5. This marvelous creation hosts three types of office spaces – Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each of these offices boasts plethora of facilities apart from the functional spaces. In addition, they offer dynamic environment along with world-class working ambiance for the modern workforce.
An experienced and well-organized team of architects and construction planners have designed and conceptualized this property, making it a great place to start your office operations. Buy this office space in sector 18 in Delhi NCR and get a great investment deal on your name.

Wave One – An Iconic Corporate Office Space in Noida

Wave OneOnce you have a business plan in mind and sufficient finances to back it, all you need to find is a well-designed office space. Having a nicely decorated and adequate space for conducting your business operations plays an important role when it comes to successfully growing your business. Wave One is an iconic project designed by the famous Wave Group, which offers one of the best corporate office space in Noida. Be it its strategic location or modern facilities in and around the project, this spectacular real estate offers a lot.


Here are some of the features of Wave One, a magnificent project located in the core of sector 18, Noida.

  1. Sprawling across a large area of more than 2 million sq. ft., this project is a 41-storey iconic structure. Designed by Brennan Beer Gorman, a famous architect from New York, this building will offer an experience like no other.
  2. This corporate office space in Noida is located in one of the finest and most accessible locations of the city. It enjoys an advantageous location with New Delhi and other parts of NCR just a few minutes’ drive from here. In addition, the Noida sector 18 metro station is merely 150 m away from the tower.
  3. The architecture of the building is in accordance with the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui. Besides, the philosophy of positive energy seems to flow throughout the architecture, merged with global expertise.
  4. Wave One offers parking facility for over 2600 cars. This relieves employees, office owners and visitors from the worries of limited parking spaces.

These are some of the features of this corporate office space in Noida. Besides, you must also be aware of the types of offices available in this project.

a) Platinum Offices
These offices are the most luxurious corporate spaces in this project. They provide the privilege of a sky garden that offer a spectacular view of the city. Besides, it features a luxurious entrance lobby, exclusive elevator access, private terraces on every floor, etc.
b) Gold Offices
Gold offices in this project are no less than luxury and style. Be it lavish lift lobby, exclusive elevators or membership to facilities like swimming pool, health club and tennis court, this iconic corporate office space in Noida boasts everything.
c) Silver Offices
Silver office spaces boast ample workspace with excellent ambiance for working professionals. Besides, it offers the perfect balance between well-designed layouts and aesthetics.

Setup your Business in the most Iconic Structure of Noida

If you are planning to establish your office in the NCR region, Noida, in all likeliness, will come to mind as a great investment option. This city has witnessed tremendous growth in the past few years, and that is highlighted by the advent of metro, smooth flyovers, sprawling malls as well as the steady growth of corporate sector. In fact, a large number of real estate projects have further attracted investors towards the city. These reasons make the consideration of booking an office in the city a very viable one.

The popular Wave Infratech has come up with a spectacular project in the heart of Noida, Sector 18. Wave One, a 41 storey real estate property, is one of the tallest buildings in the entire Delhi NCR, and has well-allocated spaces available for offices. Investing in Wave Silver Tower, a part of Wave One, in sector 18, Noida can be a great addition to your investment portfolio since it will in time be one of the most prominent corporate landmarks within the city.

Scroll down to know why Wave Silver Tower in sector 18, Noida is a great real estate investment.

  1. This opulent project enjoys a splendid location with unmatched connectivity from any axis of Delhi. This iconic structure is merely 150 meters away from sector 18 metro station thus providing excellent connectivity to other parts of Delhi NCR.
  2. Wave Silver Tower in sector 18, Noida has ample space to conduct various business proceedings. Besides, the place provides world-class ambiance to dynamic entrepreneurs and the modern workforce.
  3. Designed by an internationally recognized architect, these offices exhibit an exemplary balance of well-designed layouts and aesthetics. In order to ensure prosperity and success throughout the tower, the architecture complies with the principles of Vaastu and Feng Shui.
  4. The Wave Silver Tower in sector 18, Noida has adequate space for parking and can accommodate more than 2600 cars at a time. This large and secured parking facility will definitely provide office owners/employees/visitors/ a welcome change from their parking worries.

Wave Silver Tower in sector 18 is a spectacular structure; designed and conceptualized by an enthusiastic team of Indian as well as international professionals. Right from having adequate functional spaces to providing world-class ambiance, these office spaces are the best when it comes to establishing or expanding your business. Besides, the strategic location of this real estate project will further help both employees and clients to easily search the place and reach there. Book an office space here before it gets all booked and you are left ruing for missing out on an excellent investment opportunity to further your business.